Welcome to Designer Monday!!! Introducing Michelle Shar!

I’m very excited to introduce Designer Michelle Shar for Designer Monday!! She’s a wonderful person to work with and helped me host the last crochet a long in my group!! I had the honor of being able to interview her this last week!! Here is her awesome Bio!!

1. Do you sell finished work, patterns or both?
o I mainly sell my finished work however I have just started writing out my patterns so look for those in the future!
2. What type of items do you sell in your shop?
o I mainly sell accessories and photography props although I do have some Eco-friendly items such as Wool Dryer Balls and Cotton Face Scrubbies that I sell as well.
3. How long have you been in business?
o I have been in business since January.
4. Do you have a website or etsy to share so we can check out your work?
o I do! My Etsy page is http://www.etsy.com/shop/TangledSkeinsCo
5. Do you have social media sites for your crochet?
o I do! I have a Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/TangledSkeinsCo and you can also find me on Instagram @TangledSkeinsCo
6. Who is(are) your favorite Crochet Designer(s)?
o There are a ton of Designers that inspire me. Repeat Crafter Me is just one. I love her character hats!
7. Do you do any other type of crafts like knitting, sewing, etc?
o I also sew however that has gone by the wayside when I started my crochet business. One day I hope to learn how to knit as well.
8. What other activities do you enjoy?
o I love to read and spending time with my family.
9. What are your current WIPs or how many do you have?
o I always have a ton going at once. Currently I have about a dozen going including a few messy bun beanies, a few new Fall cup sleeves, a coaster set a couple baby and children beanies.
10. Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?What type of items do you sell in your shop?
o I sell baby, children and adult hats, cowls, scarves, coaster sets, face scubbies, photography props, wool dryer balls, etc. I LOVE custom orders! They are my favorite part about having my own shop. Many of my current items were once custom orders.

Author: time2enjoycrochet

Hello Everyone! My name is Jessica along with my love for crochet, I'm also a mom of twins! I have started this blog to help teach everyone and connect with other crocheter's! I have a channel and Facebook group under the same name, so we can help reach out. If you have questions on a stitch or a Designer that would like a tutorial done, please let me know! Can't wait to connect you wonderful crocheter's!

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